“The results of our engagement with Investsoft made a significant contribution to the strategic growth plans of Financialsockets, establishing it as an international business addressing global requirements. These results were a positive factor in the successful conclusion of our exit strategy, with the ultimate sale of the company to State Street.”
Robin Howard, co-founder and Chief Technology Officer of Financialsockets (now Chief Executive of a State Street subsidiary)

The Challenge Of Growth

Cost Of Sale

The expense and risk associated with hiring and maintaining a captive sales force can often be onerous, particularly in fast moving investment technology markets with increasingly narrow windows of opportunity and high barriers to entry. As well as human resource costs and sales expenses, cost of sale also includes elements that are difficult to quantify, such as operational and management overheads.

Return On Investment

Very often a real return on sales investment is difficult to achieve; the biggest risk of all is poor sales results, or worse, no sales at all. For small vendors or overseas companies entering the UK for the first time, a dedicated sales force simply may not be an option. It may simply be impossible to meet the expense of experienced full-time sales resource, or other parts of the business, such as R&D, may take priority.

How We Fit In

We help you meet this challenge head on by delivering real value to your business through a combination of business development consultancy and tailor-made services focused on your sales results.

In all aspects of our business we work in partnership with our clients, and because we focus on objective performance we will share risk as well as reward.

About Us

Andy King
Andy KingDirector

Andy King

Andy has over 20 years of experience in enterprise technology sales and has worked in the software, hardware, systems integration and professional services arenas.

Over his career Andy has made major contributions to many companies in the critical business areas of revenue growth, business development, local market product management and market entry strategies. He has over 15 years of experience in the financial software industry and has worked for some of the industry’s leading software providers. He has consulted on business development strategies for both large and small companies, across a broad range of application areas – including portfolio management, investment operations, trade order management, compliance operations and client reporting.